The Other Side Of A Song

Music speaks to us on many different levels. It can be thought provoking, comfort us in times of need, bring back precious memories and uplift our souls. But how does the meaning and impact of the songs we know and love change if we alter one significant element?

Join Marie Clark Musical Theatre Company as they explore how music affects us all, and how manipulating the delivery of a song can change its meaning.

Starring Chris Daniels, Damien Quick, Rachel Dow, Jessica Rossiter and Kristin Stefanoff, and directed/musically directed by Ben Stefanoff.

Performance Season:

Sunday February 15th at 2.30pm

Sunday February 22nd at 2.30pm

Wednesday February 25th at 7.30pm

Duration – 80 minutes – Suitable for all ages

Performance Venue:


252 Hindley Street

West End

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