Me and My Girl, at the Arts Theatre, Adelaide, in May 2009.

This amateur production by special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd
Book and Lyrics by Douglas Furber and L. Arthur Rose
Music by Noel Gay
Revised Script by Stephen Fry

Director: Brian Godfrey
Musical direction: Kate White
Choreography: Max Trengove

Me and My Girl, first produced in 1937, was a popular evening at the theatre as soon as it became known, and was successfully revived in London in 1952. This production is based on the 1984 script revision by Stephen Fry that was the basis for three Tony awards when it ran for 1420 performances on Broadway from 1986.

Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford, and his newly–discovered aristocratic relations are horrified. Bringing him to Hareford Hall, they attempt to educate Bill into the ways of the gentry and to separate him from his cockney girlfriend, Sally. The result? Chaos of the most comical kind. With a host of hilarious characters, witty one-liners and several toe-tapping uplifting songs, including Leaning On A Lamp Post, The Sun Has Got His Hat On and Once You Lose Your Heart,Me and My Girl is a sublime and sunny treat for all fans of musical comedy.

Treat yourself to an enjoyable evening, and you’ll go home doin’ The Lambeth Walk.


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